Watching Out

I guess fair respect,
Can be too much to expect..?

I try to treat others how I want to be treated,
Because I feel it’s right,
Because I easily feel intimidated,
Because if I speak my truth,
I’ll put myself in a line of fire,
And I can’t beat any authority figure..,

Sometimes I do NOT say what I must because I do NOT want to get cursed at (or worse),
And sometimes NOT saying anything,
or saying it too late,
causes me to get cursed at (or worse),

Sometimes I can “take it”,
other times I’m in too fragile of a place,

Sometimes I can take it,
Other times I too easily shatter,

Sometimes I can block it out,
Other times I can NOT suppress any more,
And the emotions just uncontrollably blast out,

I just have to check in within,
And watch out,

I’m NOT trying to be “tough”,
I’m NOT asking for everyone to be my “therapist”,
I’m just trying to receive the respect I give,
Especially to those with direct power over me

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