To who Helped me Create This

Hey so,
As I like to often include wherever within these gratitude posts,
Which is that aside from all I can add,
Elaborate on,
Deepen and/or rearrange the gratitude I feel for also getting to know you among so many of the wonderful people (that therefore just may be more than a few) which I may forget about among all the negativity I try to vent and/or understand more deeply about,

When shit has hit the fan on precise impact with powerful force,
Thank you for being another awesome healing/cleansing force..,

And well,
Back in like early June 2020,
And although I feel that many (if not all) of what I may post here can work,
And although I feel writing blog post quality is MORE important than the amount of posts I made..,
Given how anxious I was feeling to make the first one titled “Clearing and Freeing”..,
I never thought I’d have over 500 posts in under three years..,
And well..,
Even though I strongly believe in freedom of speech and expression,
I’m glad none of those internet trolls and/or cyber bullies happened to drop by yet..,
Ohh how those YouTube comment thread experiences I just happened to not yet forget..,

And as for the time when you helped me create this blog..,
Although I could have put at least some effort at customizing it..,
What I have to post,
And the types of interpretations I intend to offer,
Such as my deepening belief that all of us humans are in this shit together..,
At least to a significant extent..,
I just may have posted (at least somewhat) what I feel to have been deeply important..,


Thanks again for being more tech savvy,
For all you ALSO helped me through as my peer specialist,
Including socially connecting me with great other people I’d never knew were there,
Who I also feel to have totally saw and understood where I was coming from,
and knew how to continually inwardly guide me as I stumbled on this inner self/deeper spiritual true self development journey,
Including NOT using against me stuff I may have done and/or said when I was manic, paranoid and delusional-ly without a filter..,

Thank you for preventing me from spirling more deeply,
And thank you for just simply being so,
So much more aware than even others who may have tried to “be there”..,
And well..,
NOT to judge them either,
I certainly haven’t been there for others as I should have..,

Maybe this is full of typos,
And well..,
I can always add more and make clearer what I’m saying here I’m addition from the inner place this just may be coming from..,


(As I had initially wrote here..),
As for however many points of view I was trying to express,
That I feel you just have put into words far better than me..,
Thank you as well for regarding me what I see as so deeply intelligently,
For supporting my writing even in times when I felt I had nothing worth expressing nor sharing,
And well..,
Sometimes I may sink back into my shell and all of a sudden blast out..,
Thanks for just helping me chill the F out,

And even if I’m extensively forcefully repeating myself,
I guess I’d just also try to make it clear for you to hear:

And of course even though I may still have long moments when I just have nothing to say..,
Thank you as well,
For being another,
I was so blessed to encounter,
And occasionally hear from,
Along the way

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