The Way of the Scumbag


Is the way of the scumbag to,
Use his high level wit to treat others like shit..?
Use his martial arts to bully and overpower people..?
To justify his bullying of others through “unchangeable” human and/or “survival of the fittest” nature..,
To pressure his followers to jump on the meanness bandwagon,
Such as making fun of the anxious funny looking kid,
And/or explicitly,
If not implicitly threatening anyone who may stand up for the easily targeted victim..,

Is the way of the scumbag,
To find a way to mock every form of kindness it sees in order to feel a sense of direct “superiority”..?

Is the way of the scumbag,
Meant to form “positive” social connection through bringing others together through shared sadistic hateful world views..?
While regarding kindness as “weak”..,

Is the way of the scumbag,
To remain uncontrollably closed off to any inner peaceful emotional healing development..?
And therefore just,
Carelessly and effortlessly..,
Blasts out it’s misery by being a scumbag perpetually..?

So many scumbags..

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