The Nasty Majority

I will feel more fulfilled and empowered if I stay true to being kind among the scumbag majority,
Not to excuse..,
Yet (for example) I feel it takes more strength to have understanding and compassion for criminals than to jump on the nasty insult bandwagon,

And well,
I feel,
It takes more strength to remember that those in pain cause pain,
And well..,
Speaking for myself as well,
It takes more strength to develop forgiveness and compassion for those who hurt us even if they feel that they have done “nothing wrong”,

Ohh I feel it is so much harder to find, develop and sustain true inner peaceful kindness and compassion,
Than to jump on the scumbag bandwagon,
And/or than to become part of the scumbag majority,

Ohh how I feel true inner peaceful kindness ain’t easy,
And must be developed properly and sustained consistently,

Yet I feel it’s just too easy,
To just not work on ourselves internally,
And let the meanness build and blast out of us repeatedly along with the scumbag majority,


Even if we remain as an invisible minority,
Maybe kindness can (MORE likely) still give us a much deeper,
Beautiful present life experience


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