If in the Can

Even if this is “wishful thinking”,
And/or my cocky egoic imagination,
Just thought I’d indicate what I feel is possible,
That I can REMIND myself of,
And/or whoever else could possibly feel it to be helpful..(?),

Even in the can,
I must NEVER,
Take bullshit from anyone,

I must NEVER back down,

Whether I’m in prison,
The pen,
The “can”,
Even if I’m about to be forced into an oven casket,
Wrapped in the hardest chains to break,

I just,
And CAN..,
ALWAYS stay true,

Even if it’s just finding peace within a reality I can NOT avoid NOR change,

Even in the can,
I can,
And may,
NOT succumb to anxiety,
And I can instead STAND,
As the truth I see,
And that I feel IS,


May I powerfully access deep true life energy!!!


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