Sentient Emotional Energy Fields

For one,
May no one take this painfully personally,
This is just another attempt to use words,
To point to how I feel I understand parts of reality:

Since I feel energy fields affect all sentient beings,
That includes domesticated animals,

So for example,
If we’re pissed off because we have to take care of our family member’s dog (in addition to whatever else we may have a valid reason to be pissed about..),
Our edginess just may make our dog anxious,
And/or more edgy,
Our energy fields just may affect other spiritually inseparable life forms that inevitably surround us and which (to an extent) we just may have to inevitably put up with..(?),

If we properly followed an adequate inner body practice with truly positive like-minded welcoming individuals..(?),
If we’re happily peacefully present in the inner body,
If we’ve sufficiently developed an ability to deeply peacefully accept inevitable intense inner negativity about our seemingly misfortunate presently inevitable present reality..,
We just may MORE LIKELY instead be happily and peacefully engaged with the other physical life manifestation we’re dealing with in the present,

And even though I’m far from perfect as well,
I hope what I tried to put together in words here,
Still just may be at least somewhat,
Meaningfully useful


(Source: For one I don’t even know if I need to cite this.., yet Eckhart Tolle seems to refer to the “inner body” throughout his self-help/spiritual teaching book titled “The Power of Now”.. (published in 1997 (Vancouver)) (MLA format: Tolle, Eckhart. The Power of Now. New World Library, 1997, pp. 3-229. (

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