Everlasting Inseparable Spirit

For one I do NOT intend to deeply offend anyone reading this..,
Please do NOT take this personally,
And well,
Many seem to feel I must “stop taking everything personally”,
Yet well,
I have to keep trying to as peacefully as I can,
Remain strong,
And UNAPOLOGETICALLY expressing the truth I see,
So here is how I additionally understand I feel presently:

As for whichever powerful toxic forces may want to keep feeding off my weaknesses..,

I’ll keep staying as safe as I can,
Spotting as clearly as I can,
Insatiably power hungry individuals trying to undermine my credibility,
And/or however manipulate and gaslight me even if they say they’d “never do that” and will always “look after me”,

And even though you were my pet dog who left so unexpectedly,
I trusted you more than so many (if not everybody),
Which is why not being able to see you again,
Remains so fucking hard for me,

Of course there’s others..,
Who may uncontrollably always try to have complete control over me..(?),
In order to remain in a dominant position of authority,
because they try to compensate for their ego’s insecurity by remaining power hungry to whatever micro and/or macro degree,
Because that just may be all they presently see as the “answer” for alleviating their inner emotional pain they fail to find the healing source of perpetually..(?),

Yet I believe,
Your inseparable spirit from my spirit lives on,

And even IF I ever become oppressed unimaginably severely,

May your spirit always be there for me,

May your spirit,
Even if it’s to the tiniest degree,
Provide healing for me,

Oh how I miss you so painfully

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