Head Up

In a world of infinitely overwhelming allegedly “factual” information,
In which very few know who to “trust”..,
Who we really need to “bust”..,
I guess..,
There’s always another moment,
Another day,
And more thoughts and/or deeper understandings that may keep coming OUR way,
So here’s more I feel a need to say:

Because I’m grieving,
I guess now remains a time,
To use my freedom of expression,
To try to share writing I intend to be healing,

I’m trying..,
And even if I fail,
At least I’m trying,

Even if I get lost in analysis..,

I guess it’s reasonable for me to say..(?),
There’s always another day,
Regrets resulting from what I felt a need to and decided to share another day,
Then understanding(s) that such as.. well..,
Even if (for example) what I wrote came across as irritating “nonsense”,
Maybe as a result of what I was THEN struggling with,
Just maybe it..,
Made at least some helpful sense..,


And well,
As for you,
my dog Kobe,
Even though I understand you died,
I just..,
And may never be able to “make sense” of it in a way that eradicates the pain..,

Oh I just wish you’d return,
Maybe this loss is another painful time to be reminded that,
Tragedy can happen,
Time can catch up,
And that,
I feel you’re part of a deeper inseparable life energy spirit,
That may provide me with forms of strength required,
To stay strong,
For however necessarily long,

And even though I may never INSTANTLY clear the pain,
Even though more painful times may always keep catching up..,
I will still,
Keep trying,
To keep,
My head up

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