Really Something

While driving to work as the main Yu-Gi-Oh soundtrack was playing on my phone,
I noticed something what I initially thought to be a rock,
Yet turned out to be a tiny sentient being crossing the road..,

Since I did not want to be late for work,
Since I did not want to frustrate other cars trying to drive past me,
Nor have one of the warehouse managers reprimand me..,
Since I did NOT want to get my fingers snapped off..,
I regrettably did NOT save this tiny little turtle slowly crossing the road down to the warehouse facility,
And I do not think anyone else tried to save the small turtle either sadly..,

Just seeing that kind of innocent vulnerability,
In this world,
In addition to the loss of my little dog,
Just really fucking kills me,

And I told one of the managers I didn’t save him and he said “that’s messed up”,
It was messed up that my worrying about what others would think prevented me from saving a small vulnerable sentient being,

Guess that screw up on my part was really something

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