Pain Preparation

The more I block out pain,
the less I’m able to make peace with it,
in addition to preferring a longer life expectancy,
a reason to NOT do excessive drugs (prescribed or not) is in order to know how to develop the inner peace required to suffer LESS when pain inevitably arrives (such as in older age and/or whenever in life..),
And since I believe pain to be inevitable,
the LESS we fight it, and the more we accept it,
the less pain we’ll feel while the pain encounters us,
Since acceptance may imply peace,
While we resist what gives us pain..,

I would guess..?

whether it’s breath work,
inner awareness and/or whichever ethical spiritual path may just be most presently compatible for whichever individual,
I feel that this takes years and years of practice,

And well,
I feel the more likely I am to experience painful emotions,
And/or (for example) the more pain my emotions give me,
The more susceptible I’ll be to block that pain out instantly,
Even if that entails not learning how to handle it,
As for whenever I may experience the pain later on,

So as for at least trying to develop increasing acceptance of inevitable pain along whichever path I personally may see as most presently fit,
I’d say I must,
Keep trying to keep sticking with it,

And I feel I must NOT go too slow NOR too fast,
However I presently consciously feel as best

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