Inclusive, Welcoming, Compassionate and Humane

I feel that it is UNethical to be forced medication in order to control myself so the emotional pain others exacerbated in me by mistreating me does not dangerously erupt out of me when the next form of disrespect breaks my back,

In other words,
I feel that,
Self-control is important,
Maybe I’ll take medication AS NEEDED,
My anger towards others I felt hurt by is VALID,
As for those painful memories NOT making me dangerously lose it,
I feel there are proper and/or more humane ways to truly LET GO of painful memories of feeling mistreated by others that can emotionally dysregulate me if I do NOT know how to consciously prepare myself when their energy painfully arises again within me,

I seek a healthy way to let go of what troubles me,
I FEAR forced treatment,
And/or being locked up in any environment that may be horrifically additionally TOXIC for me as a RESULT of others being “kept safe” from me during moments when painful memories of others acting cruel to me causes me to become increasingly emotionally dysregulated and appear as a “threat to civilized society”,

Instead of being brutally controlled,
I want to feel heard,
I want to feel understood,
And welcomed along a deep inner healing journey,

I want to let go of the pain I struggle to clear repeatedly,
In a way most deeply meaningfully helpful for me,

And I wish the same for anybody,

And although I believe in law and order,
I would NOT want to become stuck on anything similar and/or worse than “Kendra’s Law” NOR “Assisted Outpatient Treatment” (AOT) which I see as a euphemism for “assistance” with FORCED TREATMENT,
(Source: Whitaker, Robert, and Michael Simonson. “Twenty Years After Kendra’s Law: The Case Against AOT.” Mad in America, 14 July 2019, (,

I instead (for myself and others),
Hope that violence is more properly prevented for us all,
And that ways of letting go of pain in order to NOT go insane,
Are inclusive,
Compassionate and humane

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