Brief Dialogue Sample

(At a certain point during a conversation..)

Person #1: You understand?
Person #2: Man just shut your fucking mouth.

Person #1: Do I talk to you like that!?
Person #2: Well unlike you I don’t give you a reason to.

Person #1: Well your negativity does, including what you just said there.
Person #2: What the hell are you talking about!?

Person #1: Right there..! You tell me to “be yourself” and when I keep it real with you I’m all of a sudden an “asshole”.
Person #2: No! You’re just unstable and you need medication!

Person #1: There you go, instead of listening, you want me to shut the fuck up by shutting myself down on medication.
Person #2: No!! You need it because you act crazy!!

Person #1: When I try to kindly open up to you and share what I feel a need to be heard you just want me to shut the fuck up!
Person #2: It’s because you wanna have all these boring ass conversations.

Person #1: No.. It’s because I want to have critical discussions.
Person #2: You just need to chill out.

Person #1: Yeah well your constant criticism doesn’t help.
Person #2: I criticize you because you act annoying!

Person #1: Well I’m just struggling alright..!?
Person #2: Just let the past go!!

Person #1: Yes I know but it’s a working progress.
Person #2: So work harder!

Person #1: As if it’s that easy..
Person #2: Stop with the excuses.. Just stop..

Person #1: What comes easier to you might be harder for me.
Person #2: You’re just too lazy to actually work on yourself.

Person #1: It’s not laziness, it’s constant failure that leads to discouragement.
Person #2: Okay.. I’m done listening.. Like for real.. I’m just.. I’m just sick of all your fucking whining. Just get your shit together! Alright!!?

Person #1: Man.. you call yourself a friend!?
Person #2: And you call yourself rational!?

Person #1: NO!!
Person #2: Oh so you don’t consider yourself rational..?

Person #1: NO!!!!! I consider you IRRATIONAL.
Person #2: Man just fucking stop with the crazy shit.

Person #1: I don’t know why I ever trusted you..? My only friend is just another scumbag.
Person #2: Yo bro you deadass insane I’m out..
Person #1: Go fuck yourself! There I said it.

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