As for how and what people say,
What is the energy’s present intention..(?),

And regardless of however much someone claims to be “helping”,
For example,
What inner emotional place is the yelling coming from..?

For example:
A place of encouragement..?
A place of insecurity utilizing an excuse to dump its anger onto another while simultaneously trying to sustain and increase feeling “powerfully superior”..?

Regardless of “reasons” for why people act certain ways..,
What places is the emotionally intense/aggressive “support” truly coming from..?

And as for me,
There comes a point when I’m NOT just going to keep taking it,
There comes a point when I feel a need to safely and consciously address it,
There comes a point when I feel we need to take a deeper and/or clearer look at it..,
And maybe see what type of energy will really help stuff function and improve far more effectively,


And I guess(?) since these types of conversations seem to bore lots of people,
And maybe since we understandably may lack the time and/or energy to converse deeply on top of everything else we may be dealing with presently..(?),
I just also thought I’d post it..,
As for whoever may come across this and decide to read this..,
I guess..(?),

And well..,
I feel that,
(Ideally and I guess practically..(?)),
Certain conversations intended to deepen awareness,
Are hopefully meant to help us,
Instead of add stress and/or negativity..,


And well..,
Are people “not talking about” inner peace development because they’re already just sufficiently focused on actually “practicing it”?
Are lots of individuals NOT feeling a need NOR wanting to talk about it.. because they’re “living it?”
To me it just does NOT seem like it,

And NOT to be a hardass about it,
And I feel that being harder on myself will fill me with more negativity that weighs within and limits my present ability,

And I know I can’t change anybody,
I just feel I have to make more peace with my inevitable internal assumption that I strongly DOUBT that most people would actually take what I’m saying seriously..,
Thank you to those of you who do and/or any of you who are presently following me,

And as I was trying to say..,
I still think that,
I guess..(?),
It’s still important to look deeply,
And to work on compassionately asking ourselves if we’re really functioning to the best of our present ability,
And if not,
To clearly and carefully consider,
What will truly reduce the extent we may UNnecessarily suffer..?

I guess it’s fair to say(?),
The shit continues on..,
And I guess we,
Just have to keep staying more and more strong,
In whatever most presently compatible way(s),

And in whatever place we’re at,
Stuck in and/or forced to remain in,
Is it possible to feel in a better place within..?

And I especially feel I need to remember those types of questions,

And I guess I can once again..(?),
Notice the sensations..,
And NOT try to lose energy by fighting an emotional current that inevitably passes through me..,
And my ego hopes others find what I just said there “fancy”,

Even though that insecure ego energy may inevitably pass through me,
I guess I can practice noticing it while LESS blindly identifying as it..(?),
And I guess..(?),
While noticing whatever energy passes through me,
I can increasingly reduce stress by not adding tension by fighting it,
Because the more I fight the painful emotions,
The more the painful emotions may (in return) fight back(?),

Speaking for myself,
The more I suppress toxic emotions,
The more they’ll grow,
And the more likely the emotions may just cause me to lose sleep and/or burst out of me UNLESS I can find and sustain more inner peace as they pass within me..,
Yet the more I suppress them,
The stronger their force will accumulate for when they blast out..,

And with more inner peace,
I guess I’d be LESS likely to feel as much of a need to express myself to release bad energy that’ll increasingly cause others to avoid and/or report me(?),
Speaking ideally,
The more clear inner peace,
The LESS I’ll also feel a need to vent and/or express myself in a way that appears crazy..,

And well..,
I just can not block out the current,
I just have to make peace with it,
And I apologize if I’m perpetuating overthinking by over-explaining it..(?),

And I know I’m NO expert at it..,

What am I really continuing to practice and/or accumulate within me..?
And what control does it have over me..?
And/or how aware am I,
Of what underlies how I function externally..?



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