Trying too Hard

Not to waste energy by “comparing”,
Yet here’s something else I also felt like sharing,
Which is that:

When I try too hard,
The emotional intensity derails me,
Making it LESS likely on remaining clearly and peacefully focused on,
What’ll truly help me continue on,

When I think too hard,
I MORE likely become lost in my head,
Of truly moving ahead,

The LESS I chill the fuck out,
The FARTHER the emotional intensity throws me off track,

No wonder I often feel that several of those who appear to just “not give a fuck”,
Appear to be way FURTHER along with their career(s),

And NOT that I “know” how they’re really feeling inside,
NOR what’s “really going on”,
Yet (for example),
What I’d guess is that,
Since I feel they seem to be taking stuff LESS excessively serious,
They’re LESS internally weighed by inner emotional intensity NOR overthinking pressure to “do better”..(?),

I feel that..,
It’s continual struggles with balance..,
As always,



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