Even More Dialogue

Person #1: He’s nuts.
Person #2: Yep.
Person #1: Call an ambulance.
Person #3: Wait..
Person #1: What!?
Person #2: Yeah why “wait”!?
Person #3: He just needs sleep and social connection.
Person #1: We tried that.
Person #2: He’s chemically imbalanced, there’s nothing we can do.
Person #3: He’ll come out of this like he has before, just give him time.
Person #1: We’ve given him too much time! He needs to go back to the hospital!
Person #2: Yeah man we’re beat!!
Person #3: There’s a place upstate we can send him to, it’ll also help him come off what he’s been on.
Person #1: No, he needs his medication!
Person #2: Yes!!
Person #3: He’s been like a zombie when on it, and more unstable when off it.
Person #2: He’s a threat to himself and others without his medication!
Person #1: He can’t function without his medication!
Person #3: Not sure if that’s the only option here.
Person #1: No! It is! There’s some people who can’t function without it!
Person #2: Yeah man! Stop trying to spread conspiracy theories!
Person #1: Yeah dude! Stop spreading misinformation!
Person #2: Yeah! You’re also starting to show signs of delusion!! Jeez!
Person #3: He needs people who listen. He needs those who are emotionally there for him as he is for them.
Person #1: You are so wrong..
Person #2: Yeah dude he’s chemically imbalanced.
Person #3: Stressful social experiences have made him lose sleep and become more emotionally dysregulated and delusional. He wasn’t just “born like this”!
Person #1: I’m calling an ambulance, this is ridiculous..
Person #2: Agreed.
Person #3: More forced drugs will not help us, nor will help him acquire clearer understanding to help heal his inner roots of his mental health crises. He needs to develop awareness of emotions that pass through him to varying frequencies. He needs to increase inner awareness for spotting signs of increasing emotional dysregulation within himself in order to NOT become lost within the intense emotions. Medication can be there only for an emergency and NOT as heavily—
Person #1: Shut your mouth.
Person #2: Yeah man for real.
Person #3: He needs space, and support on a viable inner development track.
Person #1: It’s been decided, we’re calling an ambulance.
Person #2: Yup.
Person #3: Shit..
Person #1: They’re coming.
Person #3: Only he can speak for himself.
Person #2: Shut up.
Person #3: Huhhhh..

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